Free comics are as good an excuse as any to dress up as The X-Men

Yesterday was a good day. Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day.

Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is where annually on the first Saturday in May, comic stores the world over give out a range of specially produced comics for free.

It’s probably best if you just listen to Hugh Jackman, he’s much more handsome than I.


The idea around it is to reward the fans while trying to atract new people in to give comics a go.

From there it’s up to individual stores on how they’d like to dress the day up and as it turns out, the guys at All Star Comics Melbourne are snazzy dressers.

Troy, Mitch, Dan and Jimmy (and a whole bunch of helpers), managed to turn what was already going to be a fun day into a huge event. Not only dressing up in matching theme, but also setting up “Artist Alley” near by in Hardware St.

Through the day more than 35 local talents gave up their time to draw free sketches for the crowd.

This is just one example of why I love what these guys do. In an age where digital distribution makes a lot of sense in terms of conveinence and cost, All Star have managed to build a great community all while providing the kind of amazing first name service that makes me want to vote with my dollars.

If you’re in Melbourne and even vaguely interested in comics, you should definitely head by (Level One, 410 Lonsdale St) and check the place out.

And if you’re unfortunate enough to not be abroad you can get in on some of the fun on All Star Comics’ Facebook page here.


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