Steam Shots – short reviews with a booze-based rating system

If you’re like me, and have more money than sense, you might find yourself amassing a substantial collection of games on Steam. Now that every man and his dog can release a game on Steam, it’s getting tricky to sort out the chaff from the wheat – after all, you can only give out so many gift copies of Bad Rats before people start throwing bricks through your windows. Luckily, there’s Steam Shots!

Steam Shots are a series of videos that review the last 5 games released on Steam. It awards ratings using a “drunkeness” meter; from their website:

Our ratings describe how drunk we had to be to finish a game. When a game does something wrong, we drink, so the more we drink, the more the game did wrong.


1. Sober – We hardly had to drink to play this game. This game is probably good.

2. Buzzed – We drank a bit but overall the game isn’t too bad. It has flaws, but worth playing.

3. Drunk – The game probably isn’t good. You might like it if you are a fan of the genre, but you might want to skip it.

4. Wasted – This is our lowest score, this means we didn’t find anything worth playing in this game and decided to drink until we passed out.

While their ratings are going to be biased towards whatever genres the reviewer likes, it will at least help you identify the games that are worth checking out and those that are complete stinkers.

Here’s their latest video (at the time of writing), as an example:

So, if you’ve seen something interesting that was recently released on Steam, but i’ts not a big-name title and you aren’t sure whether to nab it, I recommend checking out Steam Shots first. It could save you money! Or make you spend more.


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