Hell, it’s about time.


For a while now I’ve been wanting a place to empty my mind, process thoughts and talk about things that interest me. I’ve never kept a diary or a blog before, so I generally just bounce my thoughts and experiences off whoever happens to be around me at the time and (fairly) these guys usually just aren’t that interested.
So here I am, new blog in hand, only, I don’t just want to talk about my stuff. What I’m really interested in is what other people are thinking about, what they’re working on, what they’re creating, and then forming some discussion around these ideas or projects.
I know there are a whole lot of I’s, me’s and my’s above, but this is really meant to be a communal project. A place to come to read and talk about the cool things people are working on.
Now, this whole thing is going to a beta of sorts, very much trial by fire and I’m not sure exactly how it’s all going to be work yet. As such the lay out and process will likely change as we go, or it may not. For the time being though, I’ll start out by acting as a curator for the site and posting articles that are sent through to me.
Let’s talk.

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